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    So they are to cease production in 2017. They are trying to sell the company but without investment in the ‘baghouses’ needed to comply with DEQ that might be difficult.

    I alwasys used Bullseye but it a shame a competitor & practically the only one will cease. So soon after the Spectrum end its all the more reason to support Bullseye if we want to continue fusing & stained glass.


    The Spectrum System 96 line was purchased by Oceanside Glass tile. The purchase included the equipment to produce their machine-rolled glass. So while it is indeed sad that Uro is closing its doors, it’s not necessarily time to go running to Bullseye just yet.

    I have great repsect for BE, and I use a lot of their products. I just happen not to use their glass. I just want to point out that, at least for now, plans are to continue the System 96 line, to avoid misinformation being spread. You can read about the purchase here:


    Best, Dana



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    dba Jester’s Baubles



    What about PW COE 96 ?


    Oceanside manufacture in Mexico. I dont know about Uroboros but I live 15 mins form the Spectrum factory. I doubt they will ship furnaces to Mexico & tile furnaces are very different from art glass types. So even if they build new where will they get the expertize to make art glass?  I hope they do start making art glass. Why else would they buy the name? Its also interesting to see how Oceanside market their tile product. Its thru Tile & mirror companies that are interested in construction projects. However you never know they might just be wanting to diversify. Tiling a swimming pool is somewhat different that art glass!

    Of course maybe they will keep the Portland & Woodinville factories going. That would be nice.

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