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    I normally have no problems with obtaining molds that are level. Several months ago I purchased one through the mail (a sea shell) that doesn’t sit level.  It has a flat bottom.  I’ve checked the kiln and the kiln shelf with a level and both are very level.  When I place the mold on the shelf, and cover it with my glass, the glass is no longer level.  Have tried propping with short legs but have not succeeded in getting a level surface.  Did fire once regardless at a very slow schedule and the result did wind up with one side further down in the mold that the other.  Which  I expected.  This does need air release so sitting it in some thing like vermiculite probably wouldn’t work.  Any suggestions?



    Stephen Richard

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    The key in this case is to level the surface the glass rests upon.  Use three wedge shaped pieces of kiln shelf or fibre board to ease the glass to a level.  To determine this use a bubble level – one with a central circle in a larger circle.  This is better than a two way level.

    Stephen Richard

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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