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    I’m trying to recreate a pendant that I made with some Silver Dichroic Glass. I picked it up when I was traveling so I can’t go back to where I got it. It’s Silver Dichroic COE 90 on thin Clear. I ordered some online, but it was very crinkly after I fired it. The previous glass was more smooth after firing. I fired both with the silver side down if that makes a difference. So is there a Smooth and Crinkle version of the Silver Dichroic 90 on thin clear? If so, where can I get the Smooth or non-crinkle?

    Thanks for your help!



    Hi Angela, dichroic glass is coated on one side only and is either clear or black backed.  If it is black backed then obviously you can only fire it with the dichroic side up. However if it is clear backed then you have 2 options.

    If you fire it with the clear side up then you will get a smooth finish as you are looking through the glass cap to the dichroic or you can fire it with the dichroic uppermost which will give a grainy texture, sparkly, and a bit rough.

    going back to the black backed dichroic then if you want a smooth glossy finish then you can cap your dichroic with 2mm transparent glass.

    BUT, you can only cap dichroic glass on a full fuse when any of it’s textures will even out in the kiln.  If you are doing a tack fuse the the dichroic will maintain any of it’s features eg, rippled but will be attatched to whatever you have fired it to.

    Hope this helps




    Yes, I know about capping or firing uncapped. I’m asking about a Silver Dichroic (90) on thin clear that is the non-crinkle version. I’m trying to recreate a pendant I’ve already made and the glass I ordered on eBay from someone was not the right stuff because it came out very crinkled even though I’m firing the glass silver side down. I’m using a texture place to create a certain texture, but it’s not very visible with the crinkle texture of this particular glass. So the piece of glass I picked up on my travel must not be the crinkle version and I’m having trouble locating a smooth version of this glass.

    So if anyone knows of a non-crinkle or smooth Silver Dichroic on thin clear COE 90. Please let me know. Thanks!



    If it is CBS, there is a difference. You may have purchased/been shipped the crinkle glass:



    Dana W.

    Jester’s Baubles Fused Glass Designs

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