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    Does anyone use super spray on bottles to prevent devit? Is so how much of the bottle would you coat? If you don’t use it how do the bottles turn out? Thanks in advance.

    Stephen Richard

    Devit spray is a good precaution on all bottle and float glass.

    Stephen Richard

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    I coat only what will be the top side of the glass bottle. When I have not used SuperSpray, I get a cloudy surface about 50% of the time. Bottles are typically not evenly weighted. If you place the bottle on its side on a flat surface, it will roll and settle with the “heavier side” down. Just coat the half of the bottle that’s facing up. With the heavier side down, then the bottle will be less likely to roll in the kiln.

    I have a wide-ish (1/2″?) artists brush that I’ve dedicated to SuperSpray only, to avoid cross-contamination.


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    i have been doing a lot of bottle slumping, and inevitably no matter how much I clean the glass I get a spot or two of devit. I tried super spray for a while with good results. Then I stumbled upon a formula for homemade devit, maybe even here in the forum or the on Paul’s blog I don’t remember. Since using the homemade borax solution ( 1 rounded teaspoon of borax in 1 cup distilled/RO water) i rarely have issues. I spray the front of the bottle and let it dy. And for the occasional time that I do get devit in a small spot, i respray the surface and refire it on a fire polish schedule and it is perfect!!! Much better than super spray and clear coat over glaze, and way cheaper too!

    Jen in Florida

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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