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    I am a beginner *newbie* Laughing I would appreciate suggestions as to what kiln I should purchase. I bought one on a “whim”, not knowing that there are different types of kilns out there. I saw the price and grabbed it, only to find out it was a ceramics kiln. The art G-ds were with me, as I was able to turn around and sell it – even making a profit.

    I want one to do the following:
    Glass fusing, enameling, pmc, small ceramics and glass jewelry and small slumping.

    I am going to be playing with the new toy I get…to find out where my passion takes me, and in which direction. So, for now, I don’t really need anything “high end”.



    The good news is that glass kilns keep getting better.

    Avoid any kiln that uses pins to hold in the elements. It is a terrible design from which most kiln manufacturers (but not all) have moved away.

    For a starter kiln, I’m a big fan of the Paragon CS-14D (

    It is an excellent design (ball groove element design, opens both as a top loading and clamshell, Paragon build quality), reasonbly priced, and plugs into standard 120V 15A outlet.

    We distribute Paragon – but I generally only sell locally where I can support them – so the recommendation comes with no hidden agenda.


    Helios Kiln Glass Studio


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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