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    I am going to attempt to build the strip cutter today. Instructions look very clear.  I have a tip perhaps… I saw a home made strip cutter, and they had screwed a metal jar lid upside down to the far end of the board close to the rail and put a small sponge in it with cutter oil.  The lid and sponge setup was positioned so that the cutter head would rest on the oiled sponge everytime it was ‘returned’ to the end of the rail.  Hope that makes sense.

    Is this a good idea to have the cutter head re-oiled ea time?



    I am excited to make and use the strip cutter It looks pretty straight forward. I was frustrated with the website though. I couldn’t change the Credit card to use. I tried everything. Very annoying. It should be simple. I had to put it on my husbands card instead of mine because I couldn’t change it.

    That should be fixed.

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