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    Hi all – just registered and wanted to ask my first question (can’t find it discussed anywhere here to date) – what tips/tricks does anyone have for easy storage for stringers?


    I seem to have about 30 different colours/types, with more on the way soon. I’ve built a simple tray with dividers, all out of 10mm thick polystyrene sheet but it feels pretty flimsy. What other methods do folk use? I’d prefer not to use the clear tubes as I like the quick access/easy view I get into the tray I built – maybe I just need to build another tray like the first one!


    Any suggestions?



    Try making a rack and fitting in PVC pipe.   I’ve seen people use as small as 2 inch and as large as 4 inch.



    I use postal tubes for storing my smaller stringer tubes inWink I’ve taped a bunch of them together and then placed them on a shelf in the studio. I write the colours/type on the end cap of the postal tube.

    I also use the same technique for storing my rods in as well.Smile


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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