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    Hello! I saw that a couple people were using stamps to get images on glass; I have a huge collection of rubber stamps and would love to get the images in the glass I fuse.

    I get that ones that were LESS complicated would be best- has anyone done this successfully? I am experimenting with different things; painting the stamp with enamels, and also with stringer medium (mixed with black powdered frit) I’ll see how those come out.

    Any suggestions? Thanks :-)


    I tried 2 things: I painted onto the stamp blue “Glassline” glass paint ( diluted the paint a bit as it is old and I thought it needed dilution because it had cracked when I used it before). That came out OK. But the stamp design was enormous, and I would really like all the detail of more intricate ones.

    I also did one with the Stringer Medium and powdered frit, which also worked, but only on the huge swirl rubber stamp. Wouldn’t get good detail. Maybe I will try stamping with regular ink!


    I’ve had good results using Mica powders.  But only on smaller pieces…for some obscure reason? My experiments on stamping small pieces (2″ -4″ square) turn out great, but when I try to apply to larger pieces, the mica ‘spreads’. But works great with the smaller ones. I use Rubbing Alchohol to make a paste with the mica. Have used Ful Fuse and Tack fuse schedules with success.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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