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    Hi,  I have a question for you Paul, I want to make a few Stainless Steel molds but I need

    to know what thickness it should be.  I know some kitchen cabinet makers use it around sinks

    but it could be too thick.  Also, what do you use to rough it up so that the kiln wash doesn’t

    run away while you are trying to coat it.  I do have a dremel drill & have used it to take of kiln

    wash from the back of some pendants, it does a good job.  I have found though, if you soak the

    glass in water for a few hours, it is much easier to take off.  Hope that helps some ladies.  With

    the stainless steel molds, I wanted to make a couple of curvy types.  I do have a very big

    mandrel which I used for silversmithing (it is now powder coated as it was going rusty in the

    tropics.)  I think I could bend a thin piece on this as I still have my tools.  I have noticed that

    slumpy’s charge a lot for their s/s molds so if we made our own it would be a big saving,  Also

    do you have glass places that sell scrap small pieces for making the kiln formed glass.  I did

    try Slumpy’s but they make you do an order of $75.  I was prepared to buy a mold to make up

    the difference but decided to ask you first Paul about the s/s thickness.  As it was 9 lbs of

    glass I was kind of worrying about the shipping cost which seems to cost a lot from the USA.

    Look forward to your expertise Paul.   kind regards Tosca




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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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