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    can stainless molds just be sprayed with the Boron Nitrate stuff or do they have to be pre-fired.

    also, am wondering how a piece of glass stays on a round shape?


    Boron nitride can be sprayed directly on the mold. Just make sure the mold is washed/clean.


    In regards to your second question, if you are talking about placing a piece of glass on the convex/rounded side of a mold, if the glass will not “balance” on the mold, you can use kiln furniture to hold the edges of the glass until it begins to slump, and then remove the furniture.


    That would not be my first choice, however. I have an aversion to reaching inside a +1100 deg F kiln to retrieve kiln furniture Cool.




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    I have a couple of stainless molds that I use Bullseye kiln wash on,  it took me a while to do it as evreyone said it was impossible and a pain etc.  I have not had any problem getting the kiln wash on and they have fired great, but I got two ready to use two weks ago and my student load made it impossible to do.  When I went to pick soe things up for tomorrows class I noticed that they had a brown mold (?) on them, now I live in Hawaii and it has been humid but this is something I have nevre seen before. The kiln wash was dry so I have no idea what caused it, any ideas?


    I have never used the spray but just ordered some for the studio.


    Stephen Richard
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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