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    I just purchased a Firebox 8 and used it last night. It worked good but…my pieces didn’t shrink in to 1/4″ and the edges are still square, not rounded.  I used 3/4″ square black 96 COE as the base and added a 1/8″ dicro stringer.  And a 1″ square with dicro frit which almost looks more like a tack fuse.. When I’ve taken fused glass classes at our local rec center (and they kilned the pieces) the jewelry shrunk in and the smaller pieces rounded out and got thicker.  I also had in a 3 layer piece that didn’t fuse to one constant thickness. I went up to 1465F and held for 10 minutes.  Do I need to go higher or for a longer time?  Can I refire these pieces?

    Any help is greatly appreciated from this newbie.

    Stephen Richard

    Yes, you can refire these pieces.  It appears that you did not fire high enough or long enough.  Try one or the other first, not bot at the same time.


    Stephen Richard

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    Every kiln is different, but 1450-ish should be plenty of heat for firing small pieces. You do need to increase the time, however. Do you have a “peep hole” so you can watch? That’s the best way to get the right firing time.

    For pendants, I go at least 15 minutes.

    Dana W.



    The firebox 8 is a rapid heating small kiln. I would suggest  you increase the top temperature to 1500 for 12 min. you could even go higher. Within reason, you can’t really overfuse a full fuse pendant.

    Yes you can refire the original pendants.


    Barry Kaiser

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    thomas decker

    I have  a firebox 8 that I use for small pieces and test firings. I find that I have to add about 200 degrees to achieve the results that I want. I am not sure weather it is the kiln or the pyrometer the same piece in my large kiln at 1450 needs to be taken up to about 1650 in the firebox.  just keep a close eye on your project.because it can quickly get away from you .

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