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    I bought one of those small round caboshon molds, it has 6 depressions in it.  I am really a newbie with fusing, and am confused as how I use this.  First I’ll tell you what I know, the mold has to be coated with release.  Now for what I don’t know, how much larger do I need to cut the glass for it to slump into the mold?  Can I use 2 layers?  Will the bottom of the mold be the top of the cab?  Thanks for your help.  Pam


    Hi Pam,

    I use frit with a mold like that; I haven’t tried putting in layers of glass circles to slump or larger scrap to melt together.  With the frit, the bottom of the mold is the bottom of the cab. I fill the depressions with frit and sometimes add smaller scraps of dichroic, stringer, etc to the top of the “pile” and the cab rounds over pretty nicely during the fusing.




    Well Duh , why didn’t I think of that! Embarassed Have you used Dichro frit before?  What type of schedule do you use with  this mold?  Thanks for your input SherrieB.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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