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    I read everywhere not to position my glass to close to the elements when slumping.  I have a clam shall kiln.  How close is to close? 

    Do I leave the posts upright? should I lay the posts down?  Should I remove the posts?

    How do I measure how far away my element is away from my glass? 


    You’ll want to keep your glass at least 3 inches from the elements.  This includes the booster elements on the sides as well as the top elements.


    hmmm – in some of the clamshell kilns I have seen, keeping glass 3″ away from the elements would render the kiln useless.  It would help to know how big your kiln is (especially the interior height), how tall your posts are, and how deep (tall) your molds are. I know I have had pieces within 2 inches of both side and top elements in my Jen-Ken kiln and not had problems.

    I recommend that you talk to the dealer you bought the kiln from, or from a local glass shop/studio that has experience using the same kiln.

    Good luck


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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