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    Hello all you wonderful smart fused glass people!

    I have a question about slumping. I am creating a bowl that I want to put a foot on. My idea is to put an already fused disc in the bottom of the mold and then slump until the bowl touches the foot and fuses but doesn’t slump past the edges of the foot.  I can watch the slump until it gets exactly to where I want it, but at slumping temps will the glass actually fuse to another piece it touches?  Does this question make sense?  My bowls are very lacy, with voids between elements and I think a solid foot would give them a nice solid base.  I tried just including the fused disk into the design when I fired the various elements together but when it slumped, due to uneven weight distribution, the base was off center. It didn’t matter in that piece because it just became an element of the bowl, especially because the lacy texture of the bowls the rims are not perfectly round anyway. I thought if I tried this other approach then the foot would be in the center where it belongs.

    I hope one of you brilliant fusers will have a spot of advice.




    Creative Paradise has a nice tutorial here about doing what you are considering, using two of their molds:



    Fused Glass Designs

    dba Jester’s Baubles

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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