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    So I tried my first project today and it didn’t work out so well.  I have a small jewelry kiln  A Paragon SC2.  I was trying to fire some square pendant size pieces, using three layers.  Bottom layer, opal colored glass, middle layer was dichro, and top layer clear.  All 96 coe.  They didn’t fuse all the way.  No bubbles, but some of the edges are sharp.  Why would this happen? And…… what can I do to these pieces to make them wearable.  Can I grind or sand the edges or do I fire again?  Thanks in advance for your help.

    Also;  Not really understanding the whole ramp == temp thing.  I am used to firing metal clay and that is full speed, one segment, very straight forward.  UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


    Stephen Richard

    Sharp edges on a three layer piece would indicate to me that you did not have a high enough top temperature, or did not soak there long enough. 


    Also If all three layers were the same size, the top may not fuse with the rest, as the dichoric acts as a separator.  Instead make the dichoric layer a little smaller to allow the top layer to fuse with the bottom layer.

    In working with glass you need to get it to the working temperature without breaking the glass through heating too fast.  But even more importantly, you need to cool the glass to relieve the internal stresses.  This is the annealing cool.

    There is information on this and other sites about how to heat and cool glass.  There is a good tech note on the bullseye glass site that is applicable to all glass.




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