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    I am wanting to purchase a fairly wide and deep chambered 120 kiln that can be used both for firing clay as well as glass. I have a Fusion 7 kiln. It is strictly a glass kiln. I bought a 4 1/2 inch stainless steel draping vase mold and another mold (pot melt) thinking I could use them in it. Unfortunately, my kiln is not deep enough so I am looking to get a bigger one. With this new kiln I plan to create bisque molds, too. It looks like a multi-purpose or combination kiln is what I should get, correct? I have seen Paragon’s “Caldera”. It is not quite big enough. I want the kiln to be at least 10 inches wide and 9  inches deep.  

    More questions….

    1. Will a kiln having a maximum temperature of 2000 degrees work fine for low firing clays or will I have a tough time finding clays that completely fire at this temperature? Do I need at least 2250?

    2. Which do you prefer? A kiln chamber constructed from bricks or one from fiber?

    Thanks for all of your input! 


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