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    Good morning. I am a certified newbie, having fired my kiln less than a dozen times.  I haven’t been able to find a class so I’ve found a good book and read a TON online.  I may now need the help of actual humans, please!  I have been working in stained glass for years and I just needed a little creative change of pace and so far I am loving this fusing thing with one frustrating exception.

    How do I get two pieces to fuse together without showing a seam line!  Even when they are matched up perfectly they don’t seem to be fusing perfectly.  Its like the bottom piece is showing through just a bit.  I use 96 and I’m talking about where two pieces of the same color join.

    I appear to have gotten my bubble squeeze under control.  Does this come from the soak being to short or too cool?








    Thank you all for anything you can offer!


    Suzy in PA




    It is difficult for the seams not to show. You can fire the pieces “face down”, which may help (and then flip and fire a second time to polish). You can lay out the piece with three or more layers and dam. The best method is to overlap — where the seams meet, cap with another piece of the same color. So… you are basically making two layers out of the color rather than one.

    The best solution is not to have seams :)  (or have intentional seams that are part of the design).

    Dana W.

    Jester’s Baubles Fused Glass Designs


    Seams are more likely to disappear with transparent glass than opqaue glass. Many opaque glasses will NEVER fuse together without showing the seam. Bullseye French Vanilla (0137) is probably the best (but not only) example of this.

    For transparents, fusing together two pieces where they broke apart from each other is your best bet because the perfect fit eliminates trapped air the makes the seam visible.  Gringing an edge guarantees you’ll see the seam.

    Helios Kiln Glass Studio



    Thank you!


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