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    I have a 8″ square kiln carving that I would like to slump. I can’t find a schedule to slump a kiln carving into a simple mold. Any sugestions?

    Stephen Richard

    You don’t say what kind of glass you are slumping, what thickness it might be, the depth or shape of the mould.

    Generally you want a low temperature slump to avoid changing the carving.  Spectrum and Bullseye can be slumped at about 620C.  Float will require about 650-670.  In both cases you have to keep checking to determine when the glass has completed its slump.

    Stephen Richard

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    For Bullseye and System 96 the firing schedules on this site (under the “Tools” menu above) will work fine.  A proper slumping schedule should never be hot enough to cause glass to flow and distort a kiln carving.  Stretching the design can be an issue with a deep slump.

    The most important thing to watch for when slumping kiln carved glass is thermal shock since kiln carvings tend to severe thickness changes.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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