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    Magic Glass Lady

    I have found that drawing my design on card stock paper and then taping over it with clear tape,– cutting it out and then spreading a thin layer of rubber cement on the glass as well as the back side of the template—letting it get just a little tacking and attaching it that it holds up just great.  When sawing around templates without the tape they would easly lift off and also the paper would soak up the water and slide around.  The templates are good to use over again after rubbing off the used rubber cement.

    Do you have any ideas on sawing around templates??

    Magic Glass Lady


    I like the rubber cement idea– it works. I have ironed my pattern pieces onto the freezer paper you’ll find at the grocery store. The plastic in the paper preserves the pattern pieces a bit longer than if they were straight paper.

    I’ve also drawn the pattern pieces directly onto the paper and then ironed the pieces onto the glass. The plastic melts onto the glass and sticks through a few slogs through the bandsaw or Taurus.

    The rubber cement does the same thing and is cheaper– it “waterproofs” the pieces a bit as you make the way through the sawing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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