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    I have just made my second slumped dish, square shallow and small, from bullseye glass.

    I put clear on the bottom, opal mint on the top and cut out a small strip from the mint to insert my own handmade pieces of clear glass with tack fused frit/stringer etc….

    This piece was put to full fire on a layer of eco paper which has left a very rough bottom and edges to the glass. I thought that this would be fire polished off when it went into its slump firing…… it didn’t Yell

    I also have devit where the clear patterened pieces were placed, ontop, hazy and horrible. There is also a bit of yellow hazing around some of the clear bits…. not so nice…

    What can I do to smooth off the roughness, can i refire this piece? What schedule could I put it on?

    Using devi spray in the future, will it really help?


    Thank you :)


    A diamond hand pad, sand paper, or a scythe stone can be used to clean up the edges. If you want to clean up the back, diamond hand pads are your best bet (or a lap grinder). Note that a certain amount of texture is inevitable on the back of fused pieces.

    To avoid devit, make sure you’ve cleaned the edges of the glass really well if they were sawed or grinded (ground? Embarassed). Many people saw or grind, drop the piece in water, saw or grind the next piece, drop in water, etc. to keep the edges wet until you can clean them all thoroughly.

    I have never really used devit spray. I usually try to avoid it by capping colors that are prone and cleaning the glass really, really well.

    Dana  W.

    Jester’s Baubles Fused Glass Designs

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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