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    So.. I ended up with a fisheye after doing a contour fuse.  I did some reading and am hoping this will work.  My piece is 12.25 inches round,  One layer with rod dots creating a spiral.  Now I have put the piece on fiberboard 1/8 inches thick.  The program I am trying is

    1.150f   to 300 f  hld 15min.

    2. 200f     1225f  hld  60min

    3. AFAP  950f    hld 60min.

    4. 150f     800f   hld  10min.

    Will this relax the eye?  Input is very much appreciated.

    Hummingbird Hill

    If you find something that works, please post. I have one I would like to remove with minimal damage to the piece also.


    oh well,  I waited for the temperature to rise to1224F then used my dental tool to put a small hole in the bubble.  It relaxed.  There is a slight ripple in it now so, will have to think on it.  May just incorporate it into the design.  Will see.  Doesn’t look the way I wanted it to hwr,  it may just turn out to be a happy accident.


    Hi if it has a ripple you could try to refuse it, or add a chip of glass and then refuse it.


    Yupper!  Ground up some glass yeaterday so as to fill in the blank space.

    Going to Corning Glass Museum then vaca.  Will get ‘er done when I return.


    Thank you for your suggestions.  TT4N

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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