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    I am a kitchen designer and I come across a lot of companies that offer recycled glass tile. I have looked into a few and they claim to have, for example, 50% recycled glass. Being a fused glass artist also, this confuses me. How are they using 50% or more recycled glass if they don’t know the COE? How are they getting beautiful glass tiles when the compatibility is unknown? I have tried directly asking one of these companies, however, they skirt the issue. Any ideas??



    There are a couple ways they could be doing this.

    They could be melting/mixing it all together in a furnace (much hotter than a kiln) and creating a new glass that has its own COE.  That is how most glass is recycled.

    I have also seen work that is made by crushing different glasses to fine frit sizes, mixing them, and re-fusing.  The net effect is a piece of glass loaded with stress – but in such “bits” that there isn’t sufficient force in any one direction to result in breakage.

    As an aside, the real benefit from recycling glass comes less from the glass not making it the landfill and more from the significantly reduced energy needs to melt raw ingredients (batch) if there is cullet (recycled glass) in the mix.

    Helios Kiln Glass Studio



    Wow. Wonderful insight. I agree that recycling is a great way to make new products, especially know that I know recycling glass can be done keeping in mind the integrity of the end piece. Now I will not be as leary when recommending recycled glass tile. Thanks for the bit of knowledge.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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