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    I’m getting a new kiln next week. The one I have right now still works but It sustained water damage a couple of weeks ago. Even after drying it out I consistently get scum on my glass which I think has something to do with crud from the water that got absorbed into the firebrick. You can see the dirt in the firebrick. The second thing is the temperature seems to be way off. Things are getting over fired. It doesn’t have a controller, just on/off, high/med/low… and it’s 18 years old. I don’t want to keep it… how do I recycle it or do I try to give it away letting whoever takes it that it’s got issues? it’s a little Jen-Ken that I’ve mostly used for jewelry. When I get the new kiln, I won’t have room in my studio for it. Maybe there’s someone out there who would like to try and fix it? I just don’t know. Any suggestions are most appreciated.

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