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    fused a square 9 1/4″x9 1/4 on my 13″ circular kiln shelf. I had the entire circular shelf lined with a piece of kiln paper.

    Unfortunately the kiln paper folded up and over two edges of the glass and has left a scummy looking texture on those edges. Is there any way to remove this? Can I cold work it off with my hand diamond pads? Can I save this piece?

    If using kiln paper is it best to use a piece just a bit larger than the glass? Then there would be no bits to roll over the edges. What’s enough – 1/4″ or less? I have kiln paper but it seems to me that just kiln washing the shelf and using that would eliminate this kind of problem.


    If you are fusing two layers of 3 mm glass, then just 1/4″ or so larger all the way around should do it. Anything thicker needs larger paper or to be dammed so it doesn’t spread over the edges of the paper. You can hand sand the hazing off and refire.

    Make sure you are using Bullseye Thinfire or Spectrum Papyros, and not the “cheap stuff”. It will curl every time. You can use pieces of scrap glass to weight down the edges of paper so it doesn’t curl.


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    I did not have the problem of the paper curling, but I did have 2 other problems:

    1) when the corners of a square piece retracted, it picked up the merky white stuff.

    2) all the pieces had picked up all the residu powder on the side that was on the paper. So the transparency looks dirty.

    Any ideas on how to avoid this and how to cure the problem?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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