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    Hi there

    I am quite new to glass fusing and last week had been trying to make some small(ish) stud earrings but on completion of a full fuse firing I find that I am unable to wash off the white left on the flat underside which I assume is caused by the thinfire paper? Can anyone help with this issue so I can correct going forward?

    Also I have tried some stars and splats (from a Glasshoppa tutorial) but some of the points/tips on both of these items when they have come out of the kiln seem to be quite dull (not shiny and glossy) and again you can see a white scummy type look on the rounded points on the top of the stars/splat. What am I doing wrong? None of the other items (all larger items though) I have full fused (using the standard Bullseye full fuse programme) do not have this issue!

    Thank you.


    I use Hotline “washaway”. It’s a type of acid. Gets most of that stuff off.
    FOr the dull areas: Was the glass cleaned well? Sounds like it is vitrified.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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