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    I have fused two pieces of pressed glass and both pieces have split in half on me. I am wonder what I am doing wrong. The first one split after I sandblasted it and the second on the second firing. I could use you advice.

    Love the look of it and want to make it work. 11sisters



    Stephen Richard

    To be able to answer information is needed on several things

    size and thickness of piece

    size of kiln, top or side firing

    degree of fusing desired

    schedule of fuse and anneal

    schedule of slump


    Stephen Richard

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    First piece was 14 inches across using 96 COE and the second piece was slightly small starting at 12 inches across and using 90 COE glass  Both time I placed Two layers of glass on top in a # of different colors but was carful to only use glass of the same COE.  My kiln is a Paragon 10.  I used the schedule that was on this web site.  I has used it before for small coasters and it worked well but this time the first on popped into 3 pieces after we sandlasted it and the second one poped in the Kiln.  I am now wondering if I am working to large. I was hopeing to make a 18 inch bowl. Looking forward to your advice.  thanks

    11 sisters



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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