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    One of my pieces broke (snapped) when I was cleaning it off BEFORE firing it. Does anyone have any suggestions on salvaging this piece, or should I just start over?  I’m making my son a Chicago Bears coaster.  I cut out the bottom white “C” and the orange top “C.” The orange piece broke. This piece goes on top of the white one.  It still fits together perfectly. It’s my guess that if I leave it as is, as the glass heats it will pull away from itself and I will be left with a gap. So i’m thinking, would it be wise to lay a bit of the same glass over the break it hopes that it would keep everything together during fusing?  I will be bring it to a FULL fuse.   P.S….It’s really not a big deal to start over, but when things like this happen I like to learn from it. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


    In my experience, it would pull away.  If you do a soft fuse, it MAY work, but it may be easier in the long run to recut it.

    Another thought is to put the orange “C” under a piece of clear and full fuse.  You’ll need a long bubble squeeze, and it might be a good idea to fire in on fiber paper and thinfire (both), but it would keep the C intact, I think, and give you a cool “underwater” effect.

    Let us know how that turns out…and pictures!!


    Thanks for responding.  So, I decided to add a little glass to the broken part of the “C” and soft fuse the orange piece to the white “C” piece.  I think with a little cold working I can contour it down.  My plan is to now use a blue base piece with clear piece on top and then set the soft fused “C” on top of that, and bring the whole thing to a full fuse.

    If I put the “C” in between the base and the top wouldn’t I be asking for trouble even with a long bubble squeeze?    Like I said before, I could just cut the whole thing over, but to me mishaps teach you so much along the way, and I love the troubleshooting.

    I was going to post a photo, but I need to figure out how to do this.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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