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    Hi! When first becoming addicted to the art of fusing I did a lot of experimental pieces. I now have tons of these pendant sized objects collecting dust. I have no intention of attaching bails to them because I have way too much jewelry. I am wondering whether it is okay to incorporate them in a pot melt. ?

    If you say it is possible… Should they be broken in to small bits? Can they be combined with raw glass in one individual melt or used just by them selves? Should the firing program be adjusted due to the pendants having been already fused?


    Thanks for all of your advice!

    Stephen Richard

    Are you sure the pieces are all compatible with each other?  If yes, you can; if no, you can’t expect to get a sound result.

    If they are all compatible then you can fire them as they are, no breaking up or not.

    Any additional glass has to be compatible with the other pieces.

    The firing schedule does not need adjustment.  Normal schedules are designed to keep the pot whole.  Ceramics have  different characteristics than glass when being heated.

    If you can find compatible clear glass, you should add quite a bit of it.  I find that at least 50% clear gives good results.  (Unless you want an opaque result)

    Stephen Richard

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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