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    I have done a number of pot melts and have had numerous cracking issues when I mix transparents and opals.

    To get an 8″ round melt I have used about 2 lbs of glass, with over half that being clear (mainly tekta). I have a multi hole pot and have used the following schedule: 400 to 1225 hold 2:00, 500 to 1590 hold 1:30, AFAP to 900 hold 2:00, 100 to 800, 180 to 700. I am melting into a steel ring and onto a thoroughly dry kiln washed shelf.

    With one of the cracked pieces I sawed out a piece to use as an inclusion in a plate. That fused up fine but when I slumped it, it cracked yet again.

    Thoughts? Am I just rushing the annealing?


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