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    I tried a pot melt yesterday for the first time. When I opened the kiln, the class on the shelf was broken into many pieces, the Slumpys “bowl” was broken and there was too much left in the crucible and it was cracked too. My schedule was for 96 COE from Slumpy’s. 300 to 1000 hold 20; 400 to 1600 hold 60; AFAP to 1500 for 45; AFAP to 960 for 60 then 200 to 100. I used BE kiln wash on clean shelf with 8 coats and none in the vessel. I assume all the cracking was annealing problem. Rose too fast? I was going to upload photos but don’t see how to do that in the forum. Suggestions anyone?



    60 minutes at 1600 is likely not long enough for all the glass to melt out of the pot melt bowl.

    You don’t mention how thick the piece is, but at 60 minute hold at the annealing temp is likely not long enough, either.


    Dana W.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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