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    Can anyone give me a quick tutorial as to how to do pate de verre?  I purchased a couple of small molds to experiment with and don’t really have a clue as to how to get started.


    Pam B

    Pam B has a good tutoral.  I would just look up pate de verre and you will get more information than you need.  you will have fun doing it!




    I’m from Colour de Verre and, as you might guess from the company’s name, we have something to do with pate de verre: We make reusable molds for glass casting. Our molds can either be filled with dry frit or a pate de verre paste.  We have tons of project sheets at our website ( ). The project sheets are free and, if you want to try our molds, here is a voucher for 30% off at our website: 109167448099. It is good till the end of January 2009.


    Lawrence Jacobsen
    Colour de Verre
    (503) 232-3629 (t)


    If you want something similar, and also fun and easy, go to my tutorials at my website

    We have a glass clay tutorial that uses flexible molds for an effect similar to patte de verre.

    You will need to request a password, but the tutorials are free






    Barry Kaiser


    Hi there, I have just started Pate De Verre and was wanting to know if anyone has use cuttlefish as a mold for this process? Any feedback would be welcome!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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