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    Mustafa Umut Sarac

    Hi ,

    Second question for today.

    I am an totally beginner to the glass art and I learned that there is such a thing called glass clay. ı read some posts and Kaiser Glass described to make your own glass clay.

    And I read that there is bronze clay thing which it was possible to fire with a torch and make your jewellery.

    I want to make my optical glass sculpture as big as possible with may be glass clay. Size is a piece like Orrefors Swedish Glass.

    First :

    Would it be transparent or what I should do to it to make it transparent ?

    Is it possible to sinter with torch or in a mold and in a pit fire ?


    Thank you ,

    Mustafa Umut Sarac








    You cannot use glass clay to make a clear project. Fusing the clay traps tiny air bubbles causing the clay to be opaque or, at very best, translucent.

    I know a little(not much) about bronze clay, but I do know that it cannot be torch fired. It needs to be fired in a reducing environment. They fire it in a pan of charcoal to keep the oxygen out. out.

    Barry Kaiser

    Web Site    http://www.kaiserglass.com

    Glass Classes:   http://www.Kaiserglass.com/classes.html

    Tutorials      http://www.kaiserglass.com/tutorials.html


    Hi Mustafa

    Have a look here for views of the product “GlasClay” … http://www.delphiglass.com/fusing-sale/fusing-kits-sale/glasclay-kit-96-coe and note that there is a book available on the topic which may be worth reading before you commit to spending toomuch money : http://www.delphiglass.com/books-dvds-software/fusing-books/glasclay-basics .

    And, as Barry states, it is opaque by the look of the examples.

    Good luck and enjoy creating


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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