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    I’m getting ready to add the next round of “stuff” to FusedGlass.Org.

    What would you most like to see?



    tools or tutorials would be my request

    Hope ya’ll are having a Merry Christmas


    Paul, I like site and would enjoy reading any tips regarding glass fusing, more tutorials and information about various glass tools. Also opinions on different books on glass fusing. Thanks for running a good site.


    I would like to see book reviews on the how to  warm glass books. I order a book due to the discription and once I recieve it, the majority of the time I am very disapointed. Some books sell for 40.00 and up, what a waste of money. thanks, Robert Smith


    I would like to learn more about cold working glass for more professional looking pieces.  Thanks,  i really like the things I have seen here.  Vicki Smith

    Stephen Richard

    I’m interested in the higher temperature (above full fusing) work, casting, pouring, etc.  But this may just be available through the forum. You seem to have a wide range of features on the site already.



    Paul, I think you are doing a good job with the site. Please support glass artists by continuing to develop as many tips as you can about tools, chemicals, and supplies that we can make ouselves.

    There is somthing that would be helpful. Someone mentioned reviewing books about fusing. How about video instruction? I recently bought a dvd about PMC, which I want to learn. Instructionally, and I say this as a professional educator, the dvd was amaturish crap. I emailed the seller and the glass company that sold it to me. I was pleasant and very tactful, I haven’t heard back  from either. Of course, neither will hear from me again. It would have been nice to have been forewarned.


    It’s a great site already, so my only comment is — more!  One thing I haven’t seen elsewhere is–advice on the best studios to study in for glass intensives in different areas.  I know that workspace and teacher-student ratio is crucial to the quality of classes, so guidance on the hotspots and areas of excellence would be so helpful.  

    – Wen

    Brad Peterson

    Paul I appreciate your website and all the information you have. One suggestion for your addition to this website is coldworking  tools and techniques. One can never find enough information on that which is an important part of fusing glass as I am finding out. Thank you

    Brad Peterson



    Paul, I too find your site so helpful. Thank you for bringing it to us. Like glassartguy, I especially find the tips about tools and chemicals and whatever we can make ourselves the most useful. I recycle/reuse as much as I am able; anything in that spirit lights my fire.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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