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    Hi, I started out fusing and have decided to try my hand at slumping. I have an evenheat hotshot kiln and have tried this schedual and a couple of other ones found onlline…LOL

    RA1 : 500

    0f 1 : 1000 hold 1 : 0

    RA2 : full 1300 and on this one have gone up as far as 1375 with a hold of starting out as 5 min and moving up in time by 5 min incriments till I have made it to 30 min.

    RA3 : full

    0f 3 :1350  hold 20 -30 min again moving up in 5 min incriments

    RA4 : full 950 hold for 15

    I thought I could add some pics but have no url they are on my pc… as I have no website.

    the Molds are 3×3 with a 1 1/2 ” depth.

    First I tried a full fuse piece 2 layers and the glass just filled the mold and came out the shape of the mold. so as we change the hold and heat and I switched to a single layer of glass. this caused the glass to go halfway down into the mold and or not go down at all…I am so discouraged.

    and after trying some of the slumping scheduals online well … you can guess at this point I am very discouraged.

    I am using some clear glass I had from my fusing so not sure if it is 90 / 96 ceo. but those are the two I use.

    ANY thoughts and suggestions for a newbi would be so much appreciated. I do have pics if it might help. Thank you in advance.

    ~ Anna



    In my kiln, 1350 is too hot for slumping. I usually slump at about 1225. For a small piece, I bring the temp up 500/hr to 1100, hold 15 – 30 minutes, ramp 250/hr to 1225 and hold until it looks “done”. Then on with annealing and cool down.


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    I too was frustrated with a 3X3 mold.  The bottom of my dish was rounded and didn’t sit square on the table.  I called Bullseye and they told me to increase the hold time at 1250 (which is the highest my slumping schedule recommends) to double the time that was recommended.  So, my schedule recommended a 20 minute hold and I actually did an hour hold and it worked like a charm.


    My schedule was

    1)  Rate – 400, Temp = 1000 Hold = 20

    2)   Rate = 400, Temp 1250  Hold = 60 (increased from 20 minutes due to small size of mold)

    3) Rate = AFAP, Temp = 950, Hold = 60

    4) Rate = 400, Temp = 100, Hold = 0


    I appreciate you both for responding to my cry for help … changing the hold helped and for my oven I guess 300 for ramp got me closer and changing the hold time also is helping but not quite getting all the way down as of but you both renewed my want to continue on … I thank you very much

    I am going to 250 for my ramp and have lowered my temp to 1250 with an hr hold time … if you hear a loud crash it is those molds dropping from my 3rd story window…:D


    TY!! TY!!  I got it!! wil post pics ASAP!!!

    I am a member success story!!! Laughing

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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