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    I was working on a 12 ” plate.  Cut and fused the glass then tack fused some smaller pieces to it.  When I slumped it it fractured on a line dead center for @ 6 inches, mms in width at the widest part. The edge is intact.  I used the slow firing schedules programmed in my Skut kiln.  Question; I want to  re fire and try to fuse the crack back together. Any sugestions?     Mike


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    I hate that kilns come with these pre-programmed schedules.  They provide a false sense of security and are the culprits behind a lot of ruined glass.  The kiln is the most important tool a glass fuser has – learning how to adapt firing schedules to a project’s specific needs and your exact desired results is the best educational investment you can make when working with this medium.

    <end soapbox>

    Sorry to hear your plate broke.

    Regarding fusing the piece back together – no doubt you can do it but it is hard to make specific suggestions without seeing it.  Any possibility you could post a pic?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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