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    Just purchased my first kiln ?.
    Now what ?? Do I need to put kiln wash inside? Do I need to prefire empty? Any suggestions?



    Your manual should explain what you need to do. Prefiring empty is usually recommended so that your elements can form a protective coating of aluminum oxide. After that kiln wash the bottom of your kiln and your shelf and start fusing. 🙂



    Thanks. I’ll do just that. Fire first then apply the kiln wash. ?
    I never did find any recommendations about applying kiln wash to the inside of the kiln, but it just makes sense. Of course not the heating elements just the bottom.



    Anyone else using an Olympic brand kiln? I have just purchased a 16″ x 6″deep, 120volt Olympic kiln ?. Does anyone have any suggestions for fuseing or slumping in this model?



    Fuzzyman – are you just starting out fusing? The website has a bunch of firing schedules, ask to be added to their facebook group too. Glass Campus also has a great FB group!



    Yes I am. I will check those out ?. Thanks ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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