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    Can somebody out there help me please?  I am a bear of very little brain
    but I am in the process of making a brooch for my wife to fit her sash for
    Scottish Dancing.  I bought 6 green glass cabochon 18mm diameter but as I
    was not fully aware of the tartan colours at the time, I should have bought
    blue.  Unfortunately I cannot find these little blighters anywhere and even
    the shop that sold me the green ones cannot get blue.  Could somebody tell me how I can make them myself I would be a very happy bunny.  I do not have access to a kiln but I am not afraid of experimenting with blow-torches etc.  I could possibly start with a blue glass bottle but is that a good starting point.

    Yours in hope

    Mike Beal

    Stephen Richard

    You can buy at glass suppliers oval cabachon like pieces called Jewels.  These are normally in solid colours.

    Stephen Richard

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    I wouldn’t try melting a bottle with a blowtorch…it would probably shatter and could hurt you!

    The jewels that Stephen referred to might be available from a florist…or a hobby store…or even Walmart.  They use them for floral design, and sell them in bags.  They have smaller and larger ones.  I just found some on Amazon, too.

    Love your “accent,” are you from across the pond?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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