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    I received a sheet of Kaiser Lee Board. The company I got it from failed to include instructions about how to use it. I did a bit of researching on the net. According to one source this board must be coated with “Hotline” primer (no need to coat if working with an irridized). Do any of you Kaiser users know whether I must coat it with this specific brand? I am hoping I will not need to invest in this wash since I have plenty of a different brand on hand.

    Other helpful advice on working with this product are greatly appreciated!

    Have a fantastic 2011!


    Look for Petra Kaiser, Kaiser Lee online and you’ll find the makers and any and all info you need!


    Happy New Year

    petra kaiser


    thank you for using Kaiser Lee Board. If you have any of my books you also have instructions on how to use it. Please send me an email and I will email you some instructions in pdf format. The only problem with other kiln wash products is that they are sticking to glass once in a while and than the KLB will stick to the kiln wash. If you never have problems with kiln wash sticking to your glass, than you can use it with your KL board as well. Have a happy New Year


    petra kaiser – – Students Blog: http://www.myglassart.or


    For cutting, You canse a cutting tool such as a spatula or knife to score along the pre-drawn lines. Make the first pass and then go back and cut a little deeper. This may take several deeper cuts to go completely through the material, depending on the depth of the board.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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