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    i am setting up to do a “crazy quilt” effect and need some help. i am placing shards, shapes and other odd pieces on a glass base.  i will attempt to fuse these pieces onto the base to get the desired effect. as of now i am using glasstac to hold the pieces in place, but i find that the glasstac does not hold well. is there any other substance (or am i using the glasstac incorrectly) to hold these pieces on the base so i can further work to fill the desired space.

    thanks for any help


    Glasstac doesn’t hold terribly well– it’s the product, not you. Use Suave Extra Hold hairspray. Rave also does the trick. A little of the liquid (try the pump bottle) place onto the glass with a coffee stirrer or a toothpick  actually does a remarkable job of holding pieces together. It burns cleanly, is available, and is cheap.












    I used glasstac once.  It doesn’t dry fast enough for me.  Neither does Elmers School Glue which I sometimes still use.  I also use Suave hairspray–or any extra hold hairspray without a strong scent.  Keep in mind, though, that if your two pieces of glass aren’t completely flat, sometimes there isn’t enough surface contact for the hairspray to be effective.  That’s when I go back to the gel glues.

    Stephen Richard

    I use diluted PVA (school glue/ Elmer’s etc).  I place a drop at the edge of the glass.  This is dry in 5-10 mins.  The dilution is about 1 part glue to 20 parts water.  No problems so far, but I use it as little as possible, prefering to build in the kiln rather than add a possible contaminant.

    Stephen Richard

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    I personally find that glasstac works well if you are patient, once it dries it’s a nicely firm bond, but it does take a while to dry.

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