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    Hi all,

    My name is Sandy and I am new to glass fusing.  Not long ago, I took a fused plate class and loved it.  The instructor gave us the firing schedule he used for both large and small plates which he recommended using.  I recently purchased a Jen-Ken Fiber (16×16) kiln and made some samples using the pre-programmed tac and full fuse settings.  They turned nice and smooth.  I then made a larger plate (the same size I made in class) but used the schedule the instructor recommended.  The plate looks great but has alot of larger bubbles in it.  From what I’ve read, it’s likely that the outside edges fused too quickly, trapping the air in (heated too fast).  My question is, can I re-fire this plate using the pre-programmed schedule for full fusing, even though I’m not adding any additional glass?  Thanks in advance… great site!


    You’ll have to fire it longer/hotter than what you would normally full fuse to allow the bubbles to rise and smooth out. Basically, fire it and watch it. Once it’s smooth, skip to anneal.

    It’s easier to avoid than repair. Do a little googling on a “bubble squeeze”. I generally heat at a conservative rate to 1100, hold 30, then advanced 50/hr to 1250, hold an hour, then heat to full fuse. The slow advanced to 1250 and the hold there allows the middle to drop without the edges sealing first, so air is pushed out.

    Dana W.

    Jester’s Baubles Fused Glass Designs

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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