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    Hi.  My name is Kris and I’m pretty new to the world of glass fusing (~6months) … I’m hoping you can help me with a problem that I’m having with a ceramic clock mold that I’m playing with.

    I’m using coe90 glass in the mold.  I’m using a very conservative firing schedule (to keep from breaking the mold while fusing clear to color – learned that lesson the hard way), but I keep getting (what I call) fish eyes.  I’ve included a couple of photos to show you below.  This particular attempt has been fired 3 times thus far.  The fish eyes develop in different spots each time.  I’m well coating (4-5 coats minimum) with shelf primer/kiln wash that is baked to 550 degrees for 25 minutes.  I’m including my firing schedule below as well in hopes that something cues you in to what I’m doing wrong.


    I’m fusing onto fine clear 90 frit and (now) adding made 90 frit (into the fish eye holes) from the tan/white streaky that has been thoroughly washed with glass cleaner and water, then dried.  I’m not seeing any debris in the mold before firing.


    I’ve yet to clean the piece again for the fourth attempt, so kiln wash is visible in the pictures.


    200/hr to 400 0 hold

    300/hr to 1100 10 min hold

    150/hr to 1250 10 min hold

    AFAP to 950 60 min hold

    100/hr to 800 0 hold

    300/hr to 100 0 hold


    Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.




     back of clock piecefront of clock
    Stephen Richard

    Morgainca gave you a full answer on the other list.  All of that information should be considered carefully.

    Stephen Richard

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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