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    Hi Paul

    You mentioned in the notes for the above that you used a handerchief mold.  I haven’t heard of

    that one.  Is it by chance made with fibre blanket & draped over a glass bowl with hardener over it?

    That is all I can think of, would appreciate you letting us know what this mold is made of.  Maybe

    it is one that is unknown in Australia.  I would be very happy if you can let me know so that I can

    make a mold ready for when I have the glass made.

    Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.

    from Tosca



    I’m not certain what others call a “hankerchief mold” but I have used a “floral former” mold and achieved much the same results, judging from the picture.  A floral former is basically a stainless steel mold (prepped by prefiring to 500 degrees and spraying with kiln wash or there is a commerical product you can buy and spray on at room temperture, whose names escapes me now but it works wonderfully) or you can use a s.s. cocktail shaker turned upside down (or elevated with taller kiln posts as necessary).  The glass is slumped over the top (really the bottom – the end which is not open) but one must watch the process rather carefully to cut the heat before the glass collapes too far or (horrors) drapes itself onto the kiln shelf (this is where the kiln posts come in).  One could also use a larger ss. circle on top on the mold to have a larger “base”, I would suspect.  They make great candle holders and are quite “slam dunk” to make.  Hope this is helpful,




    Windows listen attentively for the sound of broken glass.


    Hi Jolinda,

    Thank you for the information about the mold, I will see if I can find a cocktail shaker as I

    can then see for myself what it is like.  I have thought of buying some stainless steel as you

    can use it to fuse flat pieces of glass you are going to slump into a mold.  Slumpy’s want a

    minimum order of $75 so being in Australia I would have to pay nearly the same for shipment.

    I also don’t have much in the way of weights to hold the glass down.  I will need to find some

    before I make the glass.  My kiln is not that big, about 12 x 12 “, take some off for the kiln

    shelf & it is probably even smaller.  I am thinking to do a course on learning to make your

    own kiln.  A place in Victoria has a workshop where they supply all parts & teach you how to

    make a kiln.  Once you have learned how, then you can make a larger one or smaller for jewellery pieces.  The kiln costs about $900 odd plus $60 for tuition on how to make it.  An electician

    puts the electrical things in.  A small kiln is much cheaper than the ones available now for

    doing pendants.  Thanks again Jolinda  Wink The big kiln is 400×400

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