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    I searched high and low for methods of mixing kiln wash so that it was smooth and had no lumps.  I am open to all suggestions.  I did find a somewhat novel way of mixing it – I think it is novel because I have not heard anyone else suggest it.  I used a small beverage frother and it works GREAT!  No lumps and 1/4th the mixing time.  Any other great ideas out there?

    Stephen Richard

    No great ideas.  I just mix, let it stand for half an hour to thoroughly wet, mix again.  Works fine.


    Stephen Richard

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    Not a mixing tip – but for a really smooth kiln shelf try applying the wash with an air brush. 

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    I mix my kiln wash up in a 48 oz. pump up sprayer. (the kind gardeners use)  I put in the amount of kiln wash I think I will need and then add my water.  After lettting it set a while to get the powder wet, put the cover on and shake. If the consistancy is smooth and just a bit on the thick side, I pump up the sprayer and spray my molds or shelves.

    If I have some left, It will store for a short time in the sprayer.  Just shake, check the consistancy, pump up the sprayer and go again.

    When the sprayer is not in use, wash the spray unit off and set it in the sprayer bottle.

    Thanks for all of the great ideas!




    Try putting a couple of marbles in the bottom of the container that you une to mix in.  The kiln wash tends to settle so by the time I have shaken the marbles free, the wash is ready to use.  I have not had any problems with lumps….only hairs from the haik brush!   Vicki Smith


    Vicki, thanks for the marble tip.  The next time I’m at a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, I’ll be sure to get some. 



    steve worcester

    Mix it in a large wide mouthed plastic bottle. I get naglene ones at the container store. I use Preval sprayers to spray it, cheap, easy, just wash them out and spray some clean water back through them when you are done.


    Steve Worcester


    Pat Donaldson

    I, too, use the Preval Sprayers.  They are great!  I even use them to spray “sludge” (for lampwork release on mandrels) on my stainless steal molds.  Works great, you don’t have to spray when the mold is hot, and comes out pretty smooth on the molds, i.e. no runs.



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