Metal worker wants to mesh metal and fused glass.

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    I have these 1/4″ diameter steel rings that I would like to fill with fused glass then weld into art. Is this even possible? Can the metal go into the kiln?


    Metal can go into the kiln, some metals will discolor. However, if you fill it with fused glass *then* weld your glass is likely to thermoshock. I was going to take a welding class and try to combine the two as well, but figured I’d have to create a way to add the glass later – via clips or some other way to put the glass into the place after the welding/fusing has been done.


    I had the same thoughts however, the kiln creates limitations in size. In this instance, I have many steel circles about 3 or 4 inches in diameter that will be assemble in a much larger piece.  What is thermoshock? Will the glass crack? I would only be welding the circle briefly at tangent points.

    I highly recommend the welding class and the two combined if possbile seem limitless.




    Your bigger challenge is that metal and glass have very different expansion rates. Since metal exapands more than glass it will contract more when the fused piece cools.  That compression is likely to break the glass.

    For this type of thing most folks use either mechanical connections or glue.


    Helios Kiln Glass Studio



    Hello.  My husband is a metal artist also and we are trying to melt glass to be used in his sculptures.  I am planning on taking some lessons at Helios myself.  Maybe you guys can get together and discuss strategies.

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