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    Hello, I’m fairly new to fused glass and taken 3 classes, purchased my own Paragon fiber kiln, etc…  I’m using Bullseye 90COE glass and 90 COE Dichro in small jewelry pieces 6 mm thick total and 1″ square. I’ve searched to the ends of the internet and called instructors, suppliers, etc.. and no one will provide a firing schedule.   I’ve tried so many firing schedules with up to 5 segments and multiple hold times, varying the temperature and they are just not coming out right.  I’m so frustrated and wasting so much glass.  Can anyone help?  I need to know how fast to ramp to the process temperature (assuming 1400F), do I hold there and for how long, then AFAP to 900 for annealling and hold?, then do I slowly ramp it down or just turn it off and let it cool naturally?  I’m desparate.

    Thanks ever so much.


    Firing schedules vary from kiln to kiln.  For some good information, check out Bullseye’s tech notes.  I’d recommend you start with Heat and Glass ( or knowing your kiln (


    Terry Curtis


    Pieces that small can be ramped at 500 deg F or faster. hold depends upon the glass and klin. observation works best to determine this.  When you are testing, change  one variable at a time (temp or time). pieces that size also require little or no anneal hold.  Dana


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    I agree with Dana that you need to learn your kiln.

    At Las Vegas last year I taught using the Paragon fiber  kilns so I have some experience with them. When fusing small, Bullseye schedules are nothing but confusing   It is quite safe to fuse rapidly (again, when fusing small pieces).

    Check out my tutorial (see below). I am an ultra high speed fuser. Pay special attention to the annealing schedule (there is none). Once you crash to 960 (or 900 depending on your current mood), just close the kiln and when it reaches about 400, open it fully and let it cool until you can handle your pieces.

    Barry Kaiser

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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