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    I’m currently challenging myself with making a mazuzuh for a friend’s new house.

    I made another one a few months ago, but it was a real challenge and I’m wondering if there isn’t an easier way…??

    I am prefusing a base piece just to tack fuse stage, as I’m working with 2 layers of thin glass (white, to reflect the color, topped with an irid gold transparent purple).  On the top part of the “base piece” I have added a piece of clear thin coming about 1/3 of the way down, on which I intend to paint a gold  Hebrew letter “shin” (as I understand it) and hopefully it will meet up with the top piece where I am creating a “pocket” for the scroll. I’m hoping the firing temp for my gold paint will be about the same as that when I tack fuse the prefired top and bottom pieces.  The top layer is 1/8″ smaller than the bottom, and composed of a darker purple glass with several dichro ornaments.  I made a clear thin cap cut about 1/8″ larger than the top piece (about the size of the base glass), with the intention that it will fold over 2 layers of 1/8″ fiber paper or rope (which extends past the clear cap so that the scroll can be inserted when the fiber paper is removed) and over the lighter purple piece and it’s dichro goodies and secure all that together.  I will then tack fuse both top and bottom together when each has had this initial separate firing (and the fiber paper is still in place).  SOooooo…my question is this, am I really reinventing the wheel here, or is there some obvious shortcut that has eluded me?  I will take pictures of the process and post, if that would be helpful.  And I’m open to ANY ideas!  And VERY impressed with this discussion board, which has grown wonderfully in the last few months!!





    Windows listen attentively for the sound of broken glass.

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