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    I want to make some glass beads/bubbles or just little round pieces for future projects.  I cut some scrap of black and clear and did a full fuse.  The black ones are perfect but the clear ones didn’t draw up.  The edges rounded like other fused projects but they mainly kept their shape.  The only thing I can figure out is I used Tekta for these.  The pieces were small and they should have rounded out.  Will using plain clear glass make a difference?  Please help!



    Hi Sue

    I have made this type of bead, I made heart shaped pendants later & put them on after.  If you want to add to something, please tack fuse them not as I did a full fuse which flattens them a bit.

    I used pieces of opal coloured glass with dichroic on top so that they came out coloured.  I have a collection now, haven’t had reason to use more yet.  You can buy a dichroic that is green/pink, it is good to put over a colour.  On clear it wouldn’t be as good.  The colours I used were mauve, pink

    aqua, clear med purple & clear cobalt blue (all Spectrum 96). Remember all glass must be of the same brand..  All of mine rounded nicely & they look good.  Make a square of each & place the

    dichroic on top.  Hope you have fun with them.  Tongue out

    Stephen Richard

    As you found, black absorbs heat faster than clear.  All you need is to heat higher or longer – not both – and you will see the “harder” glasses forming balls too.

    Stephen Richard

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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