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    Hi, all.

    I have a great idea for a sculptural piece that includes three vertical fused glass elements.  I’m thinking of a table sculpture–in other words, nothing huge.  Has anyone ever made a base for vertical pieces?  How is it done?



    What kind of base are you thinking about? Is it to be incorporated  into the design or is it something that can be done separate?

    I know you can mold a three-dimensional piece and include a base easily enough. You can also blow such a piece as you’ve described where the glass cools enough to maintain its shape, but not enough to melt.  You can also carve (sandblast) to get a base. You can glue the base to the form. You can make a non-glass base (metal, wood, etc.) and adhere the two.

    A  friend makes the “vertical piece”, pours a mold around the glass to maintain the shape, then carves out the base in the mold and refires with additional glass for the base.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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