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    I dont know about anyone else but I really dislike the “Piston Frit Maker” I have had  nothing but  grief in my glass projects. Yes, I know about washing the frit, de-magnitising the frit. Trust me I have washed the glass up to 4 times, and ran strong magnets thru the frit up to 20-30 times and I STILL got “dirt” or metal chunks in the finished product. This is what Iv’e come up with to save money,use up scrap glass and have “SPOTLESS” frit in the end.100 percent of the time!

    NEED: 1)Stainless steel bowl

    2)Galvanized bucket, I use a reclaimed fishing bucket, filled with cold water.Placed on floor

    3)Really Small sledge hammer from hardware store (these are very hard steel and will not                 create metal shavings)

    4) Scrap glass – roughly 1/2 lb or so (not too much at a time)

    Place in Kiln and Fire ASAP to 1200deg. and hold 2 min. (no, the glass will not stick to the bowl at this time and temp)

    Remove right away at end of sequence using VERY GOOD oven gloves (I have ones that I can hold 2000 deg. and they go past my elbow.

    Wear safty glasses just because ,and covered toes.

    Pour glass into bucket of water holding and flipping away from you (dont worry it’s OK, a little nerve racking the first time but Iv’e done this dozens of times now without a problem)

    After glass settles a few moments (water is Hot) take Hammer and chop the glass a few times, you’ll notice the glass has spider cracks all throughout, so all your doing is finishing the cracking.

    Note: This only creates Coarse frit, sorry , finer stuff is harder this way so Good luck Enjoy, Ditch the Frit Piston maker (whose name I wont mention here)  Happy Friting !



    Good to know! Thank you! I had considered a piston frit maker, but hadn’t bought one yet.


    Just a Post Script on the above . Make sure the glass is really clean and free of oils dirt ect. Also Never use a plastic bucket.




    …where creativity begins

    I use an old electric coffee bean grinder, they work great, I get 3 frits, powder,fine and med.  Start with small pieces of glass.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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