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    Howdy All,

    I am getting ready to publish our newest ebook and thought this would be a good time to get some feedback.  We hear lots of positive things from people – but I’m always looking for ways to improve.

    If you’ve purchased one of our ebooks (http://fusedglassbooks.com) in the past, I’d appreciate hearing what you liked and what could be improved.

    As always, thanks for being part of the FusedGlass.Org community.


    P.S. If you say nice things I may quote you when marketing/promoting the books Wink


    I appreciated the understanding transparency section of the above referenced book. I am not “classically trained” as an artist so the section was helpful. It was not something I had necessarily considered before — particularly the color shifting that occurs during layering.

    I also have your book on gallery quality stands, which has a lot of good ideas.

    Dana W.

    Jester’s Baubles Fused Glass Designs



    First my comments then my request for help follows.

    I have the four existing books to date and have used two so far: Tricks With Transparencies and the Strip Cutter.  Tricks is incredibly informative, easy to follow and in succinct order took the mystery out of an area that frankly had me baffled.  I’ll waste much less glass now trying to do the impossible and my designs will be the better for it!  As for the Strip Cutter ebook thanks for spending time and research money at local big boxes figuring this out. The step by step instructions with pictures paired with the availability of relatively low-cost parts is truly invaluable, putting this one important tool in immediate reach of ordinary folk.

    As for the help I need: I now have the parts ready to assemble. Since I can’t dedicate space to the cutter weight will be a consideration.  What can anyone recommend as the cutting surface?




    First, thanks for the kind words. I really do appreciate it.

    As for your question, the solution may not be all that hard.

    We have two strip cutters at Helios. Tthe first one I made with the final design (we won’t talk about what happended to the cutters that still had bugs to work out ;-) is bult onto a farily large bench. It is always out and available. The downside is that it does take up a fair bit of space.

    Our second cutter (affectionately known as “the little stripper) is mounted to a 24 inch square piece of 1/2 inch plywood – something you can pick up already cut to size at any Lowes, Home Depot or similar store.  When not in use, it stands on end, leaning against a wall in the corner.  When we need more than one strip cutter, we simply put the little stripper on a table and it is good to go.

    I hope this helps. If needed, I can post a photo.


    Helios Kiln Glass Studio



    I have several of your e books and I love the one on fused glass tricks with transparency. It is well written and very clear and the pictures are a really big help. Thanks for writing it! I highly recomend it, it has definatly saved me a lot of time “experimenting from scratch”.


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